14 best quotes on loyalty and betrayal

For every important relationship in life: friends, family, and so on, loyalty is essential. The person should remain loyal even if its not the easiest choice. Loyalty can be demanding and will certainly require sacrifice at times. However, if that person is worth it then it shouldn’t be a problem. This can sometimes be hard to express in worlds so hopefully this post should help you with that. Here are the 14 best quotes on loyalty and betrayal. Continue reading

15 quotes that will inspire you to chase your dreams

Whether you feel down or you just need a small dose of motivation, reading through motivational quotes can be just what you need. Quotes are created by the worlds greatest minds. The power quotes is amazing, I love how just a short sentence or even a few words can influence your life. That’s why I’ve dedicated this post to the most inspirational quotes that will help you chase your dreams.

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8 negative thoughts holding you back

Your thinking shapes your life, as humans we really are amazing creatures. We are the only species on earth that has the ability to turn thoughts into dreams, and from dreams into reality. There is no limit to what we can achieve if we hold the right mind set. However this works both ways. The same way positive thoughts will help you achieve success in life, negative thoughts will do the opposite. Negative thoughts are destructive and can hold you back. In this post I will share a negative thoughts that may be holding you back.

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10 inspirational Bill Gates quotes

When Bill Gates attended Harvard he told his professor he would be a millionaire by age 30, it turned out however that he became a billionaire by age 31. Today Bill Gates is one of the wealthiest billionaires in the world with a worth close to $80 billion.

Bill Gates is completely self made, and he is testament to the fact that barefaced optimism and unrealistic dreams will lead to success beyond belief. On this post we will share a few of Bill Gates many powerful quotes.

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7 things they should really teach in schools

Children take in a lot of information at school – maths, spelling, science, which are of course useful. However, we also learn things that are not as useful to our everyday lives such as Pythagorus’s theorem. We’re not saying that it is a waste of time as any learning is better than no learning, but it might be worth considering the subjects that are taught, and giving children more useful tools and skills that will help prepare them better for life after school.

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11 Motivational Quotes from Nelson Mandela

South Africa’s first black president is an inspiration to many people. The anti- apartheid icon and nobel prize winner passed away at age 95. Nelson Mandela is remembered as one of the greatest men to ever live by any standard, few impacted the world as much as Nelson Mandela. In this post we will share with you a collection of inspirational words spoken by the selfless man who sacrificed so much to support generations of South Africans and the world.

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6 Lil Wayne quotes that will make you think

Lil Wayne is probably not the first person that comes to mind when you think of motivational quotes.

He’s usually a rapper thats associated with being a bad influence for kids, however some of these Lil Wayne quotes may actually inspire you. Lets begin.

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10 habits of successful people

There are so many little things we can do in our day to day lives to make us a little more productive. However, sometimes we get so caught up with our busy schedules that we forget to slow down a little. The following list will give you a few ideas for enhancing your life with habits you should do every day.

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12 motivational quotes for entrepreneurs

Starting a business or a venture is never easy, sometimes you need a little push and a most of the time you need that extra motivation.

For this reason I have chosen to put together the 12 most motivational quotes for entrepreneurs, which are guaranteed to inspire you. Continue reading

11 quotes for Instagram bio

In this post I’m going to be listing 11 best quotes for Instagram bio. Instagram is quickly becoming one of the most popular social networks out there. While it’s primary focus is for you to share images that you actually capture, a lot of people share quotes on there. This is the reason for this post.

hopefully by the end of it you will have an intriguing Instagram bio that allows you to stand out from the millions of profiles on there! Continue reading